Imagining New Careers in Public History

A working group

Third Question

Where today do we need public historians the most?

[Seth: If you’re like me, you can probably see a need for public historians in even the most unexpected places.  We’re curious, though, to know where you folks think public historians could make the biggest impact right now in today’s job market.  And please be as specific as you can.  For instance, I’d love to see more people with public history skill sets involved in national politics, but “politics” is too vague for our purpose.  “President” would be a more useful response, though perhaps not so probable.  In any event, you get my meaning.  A number of you have already offered some suggestion in your comments, but let’s shoot for each participant identifying at least 2-3 specific career paths that have thus far remained unexplored by public historians.

As always, please respond to this question in a “new post.”  Try to keep your responses brief (250-300 words max).  To make a post, go to the “Dashboard.”  Click on “Posts” and then “Add New.”  Please sign your post with “~Firstname” in the body text.  Click “Publish” and you’re done.  Thank you!]


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One thought on “Third Question

  1. angifullerwildt on said:

    This is a great question that will add to the discussion and hopefully lead to some productive answers. Unfortunately, I have not yet posted a new entry because I have not been able to come up with any ideas that haven’t already been mentioned on this blog. I will keep mulling it over and try to bring some new ideas to the conference. Thanks.

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