Imagining New Careers in Public History

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A little understanding…

For me, it’s more a matter of not quite understanding the question (#2).  If it’s about earning potential in the field of Public History, I confess I am just hoping to get a job.  When my daughter graduated in the same field a few years back, she created a bit of a low-key sensation when the whispered comment after her name was mentioned was “She got a job in the field of Public History!!”  Her being hired as archivist for a substantial city made the rounds as if she had been one of the Rocket Boys (i.e. movie: October Sky) who literally and figuratively been been propelled from the obscurity of her backward beginnings into an atmosphere full of potential.  She had secured a job as a Public Historian, and you couldn’t blast her out of it if you tried.  Now, wouldn’t I like to be in her shoes…


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One thought on “A little understanding…

  1. Cindy –

    That is fantastic news for your daughter, although I empathize with your struggles in looking for work and funding in public history.

    From my vantage point, your responses get to the heart of Question #2. Will the scarcity of jobs lead many public historians to eschew interesting/innovative collaborations in order to seek economic sustainability, as Nancy described it?

    I’m interested in your thoughts, particularly considering your own experiences and that of your daughter. Thanks so much for sharing.


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