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Well now…

I just checked in to see Nancy Austin’s post, and I am left feeling deflated.  Like Nancy, I, too, have thought ‘how on earth are we to spend this amount as wage-earners, as the self-employed, as students (me!)?’  Wow, wow, wow.  I am struggling with the decision to make the trip after getting word from a state office that I applied to for help that there would be no financial assistance forthcoming…

So — this is where it is, and this is where we are.  What amount of earnings would it take to inspire active public historiography/preservation/archival motivation??  For starters, enough to make the trip to Milwaukee without going into debt, maybe?

Sorry.  I have no other words right now…



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One thought on “Well now…

  1. Ann McCleary on said:

    I definitely understand this dilemna, and it does make me wonder what the NCPH can do about this. Or IF the NCPH can do anything about it.

    I have support to attend the conference from my university, but I just filled out my travel authorization and realized just how much it will cost me to attend the Milwaukee meeting. And I thought the same thing–how can people afford to go in this economy if they do not have support from work? And if the conference does not offer any tangible benefits

    I think we are all feeling the impact of this economy. Like Mary, I took a somewhat less conventional career approach, and ended up in academic where tenure has protected my job. Still, I think a lot about my students who are looking for jobs and about the very tight job situation right now.

    How do we help our students find jobs that utilize their skills? And are we creating students for a market which is so oversaturated? And I apologize, as I’m just now beginning to read the posts and if you have alraedy talked about this topic, but I guess I came to this working group thinking about how we could work with our students to find jobs that utilize their skill sets and they do not ‘set them back’ too much on a career basis until the economy recovers, whenever that may be.

    In terms of collaboration, I think it’s essential. Also, in this day and age, as I constantly tell my students, you will get more job opportunities by collaborating and networking with others. In this crazy job market, it might be that those collaborations take you to an option, maybe not one you would have considered, but that may provide new opportunities for you.


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