Imagining New Careers in Public History

A working group

Second question

Thank you for your thought-provoking responses to the first question.  Here is question #2, which will hopefully help us to explore perspectives beyond our own experience.

Many successful public history careers are built on the ability to collaborate or partner with various individuals/groups/stakeholders.  What scale of potential earnings is necessary to motivate SERIOUS participation in unconventional collaboration?

[As with question #1, please respond to this question in a “new post.”  Try to keep your responses brief (250-300 words max).  To make a post, go to the “Dashboard.”  Click on “Posts” and then “Add New.”  Please sign your post with “~Firstname” in the body text.  Click “Publish” and you’re done.  If possible, we’d love to have all of the responses by March 9.]


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2 thoughts on “Second question

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  2. I am looking forward to hearing from everyone in response to this important question #2. I expect to learn something from the input of others…


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