Imagining New Careers in Public History

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Choosing History

Immediately after my undergraduate degree I worked as a trainee accountant. One of my best days at work was when I knew I would be leaving that job. I felt as though a weight had been lifted from me, that I was back in control of my future.

I was consciously choosing to give up one profession and resume my work with history. It was one of my best days because I was on course to pursue my passion once again.

I had left my studies because I was concerned that continuing would simply be the path of least resistance and going on to further study was just the easiest choice. That didn’t seem a good enough reason to start graduate work. I wasn’t sure if my passion was actually my fear in disguise.

My best day at work, then, was the completion my mini-journey of self-discovery. On that day I was not just certain of my passion for history (which had come earlier!), but I had followed-through and taken the steps necessary to pursue it.

(Sorry for the sentimentality!)

– Nick


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