Imagining New Careers in Public History

A working group

The purposes of our discussion

Seth and I are eager to get the ball rolling.  Before we do, however, we’d like to define the purposes of this discussion—both here on the blog and at the meeting.  They are threefold: 1) to introduce us to one another so we can better collaborate at the OAH/NCPH meeting and beyond, 2) to share our experiences and observations about public history careers, and 3) to come up with new career paths that public historians might pursue.  To structure our discussion, we will follow the model of dialogue pioneered by the Lower East Side Tenement Museum and the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.  It has three phases:

Phase 1: Share the diversity of our experiences

Phase 2: Explore perspectives beyond our own experience

Phase 3: Synthesize and brainstorm new ideas

Our main goal is to foster an environment where creativity and innovation can blossom and that means creating something slightly different than the typical conference “roundtable.”  We hope that structuring things in this way will allow ideas to develop organically (forgive the use of such an over-used word) through discussion.

Later today I’ll post some guidelines for our discussion, and then tomorrow, Seth and I will circulate a question (along with some guidelines for posting) that will get us started with Phase 1.



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